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Advance Helicopters joins UK military learning scheme

Advance Helicopters is delighted to be part of the UK military Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme (ELCAS), established by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to promote lifelong learning among members of the Armed Forces.

ELCAS is designed to assist service personnel with training that will enhance their current or future career; this assistance is in the form of an annual payment for up to three years. We are one of a handful of flying schools that are approved Learning Providers for helicopter training and we can offer a streamlined and inexpensive way to convert Qualified Service Pilots (QSP) to a CAA PPL(H) licence. The MoD provides financial support in each of a maximum of three separate financial years by way of contribution.

For example, Advance Helicopters can provide R44 type rating instruction as part of an ELCAS approved course. The first step is used to evaluate the pilot’s requirement for PPL/CPL training. This course provides a certificate of completion for ‘type rating instruction’ that can be claimed against using the first Enhanced Learning Credit (ELC). The course provides the 5 hour minimum requirement for a type rating.  The next step is for the QSP(H) to pass the combined PPL(H) Skills Test and Type Rating Test using a second ELCAS approved course. The QSP(H) can be offered any additional training needed (at the discretion of the training organisation) prior to the Skills Test.

As ELCAS courses are intended to be undertaken both while in the Armed Forces or as a preparation for leaving the Service, it is possible to maintain civilian currency and hour build (on civilian helicopters) while continuing a military flying career.

We also offer ab initio training courses for service personnel with no prior flying experience, the costs for which are on the ELCAS website.

Full information on how to apply is set out in JSP822.  The first step requires the candidate to be a registered scheme member and have accrued sufficient service before submitting an online claim to ELCAS. After which, if still serving, the candidate should speak to their Education Staff; service Leavers should contact their SSR to set up an account. Once the candidate has an account they can search for Advance Helicopters as an approved provider and the appropriate training course.  Our training structure has been proved in 2023 whereby a QSP(H) started the type rating instruction in February and was granted a CAA PPL(H) with type rating examination pass in June. Two ELCs were claimed by spanning 2 financial years over April.  As with all our training, we offer 1:1 ground school and flying instruction, at a pace tailored to the candidate.

For more information or to discuss any individual requirements, please contact:

Sara Barclay-Hudson
Advance Helicopters

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