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Advance Helicopters has one of the most varied fleet of light helicopters in the country. Below are details of each type that we operate. Unlike some operators, all of these helicopters are permanently based with us at Brighton City Airport and so are continuously available all year round.

We strive to ensure that all our aircraft are of the highest standards. For example all our machines use Bose active noise cancelling headsets throughout. This ensures that your flights are as quiet and comfortable as possible. The large reduction in background noise levels of these excellent headsets makes all radio work easier to understand and helps to protect your hearing from damage. We don't know of any other flight school that does this across their entire fleet.


Helicopter flight training and sales in Shoreham, Sussex, UK

Robinson Helicopters R22 - This is the helicopter that started things off for the Californian company. The R22 and all other machines they have produced since stick to an ethos of light weight. This being their only two seat machine, it is particularly small and light. This means that it is cheap to buy and run. Hence if you want to fly or train in a helicopter then this aircraft is the cheapest way to do it. Powered by a Lycoming piston engine similar to that you would find in a small Cessna this machine can cruise at up to 90 kts whilst burning very little fuel. 

Want to know more about this helicopter? Then see the Robinson Helicopters website.


Helicopter flight training and sales in Shoreham, Sussex, UK

Sikorsky Helicopters S-300CBi - What was originally designed by Hughes Aircraft Corporation became what is commonly called the Scwheizer 300. It is typically a two seater (though some can seat three) helicopter that is ideal for training. Compared with the Robinson R22 it is more stable and easier to fly along with a much larger cabin that can take taller and heavier people than the R22. The 300 also uses a Lycoming piston engine similar to the one found in the R22. It is certainly not built for speed but does have some of the best visibility of any helicopter; It is one of the few helicopters where you can clearly see backwards. 

Are you interested in knowing more about this helicopter? Then have a look on the Sikorsky Helicopters website.

R44 Cadet

Robinson Helicopters R44 Cadet - This is a new version of the worlds best selling helicopter. This is a two seater version of the hugely popular R44 and is an ideal training aircraft for the larger person or those that aren't comfortable in the R22. Powered by a Lycoming piston engine the aircraft is very cheap to operate for the performance on offer with plenty of luggage space and a cruise speed of up to 110 kts. This is also the most cost effective way to gain your R44 type rating.

If you'd like to know more about this exciting new version of a very popular helicopter see the Robinson Helicopters website.


R44 on pad

Robinson Helicopters R44 - This is the world's best selling helicopter - and it's easy to see why. If you want to take four people and land anywhere then this is the cheapest way to do it. Powered by a Lycoming piston engine the aircraft is relatively cheap to buy and run yet can still cruise at up to 110 kts with four adults on board. One of our examples is particularly well equipped Clipper II with emergency  pop-out floats (very reassuring when flying over water) and the larger nine hole instrument panel.

If you'd like to know more about this popular type see the Robinson Helicopters website.


Robinson Helicopters R66 - This is the latest product to come from the worlds best selling helicopter company. It is Robinson's first turbine engine helicopter powered by the new Rolls-Royce 300 engine. It uses all of the American companies knowledge and experience gained on the R22 and R44 and builds that into a larger five seat machine. It has great luggage space and lots of power available, being able to cruise at up to 130 kts. Our example is particularly well equipped with air-conditioning and the latest glass cockpit and GPS systems. This is a fantastic machine for gaining valuable turbine experience.

For more detailed information about this helicopter see the Robinson Helicopters website.


Helicopter flight training and sales in Shoreham, Sussex, UKMcDonnell Douglas MD-500E - This is the supercar of the helicopter world. It is lean, powerful, fast and manoeuvrable. A real pilots helicopter. The MD-500 is powered by a gas-turbine engine and will take up to four people. It is very agile and can cruise at up to 130kts. Ask any experienced helicopter pilot what type is the most fun to fly and many of them will say 'MD-500'! It is very rare to find an MD-500 for use at a flight school so Advance Helicopters is in a unique position to be able to offer this excellent type.

For more detailed information on the MD-500E have a look at the McDonnell Douglas website.


EC120 on private helipad

Airbus Helicopters H-120 - Built by the massive company that is Airbus this helicopter is one of the most elegant around. It is sleek, smooth and roomy for up to five people. The Fenestron tail design makes it exceptionally quiet whilst still being a joy to fly. Originally called the Eurocopter EC-120B, the H-120 is powered by a Turbomeca gas-turbine engine with a large cargo area for luggage and 'stadium seating' so everyone gets a great view. It is a particulary comfortable aircraft that can cruise at 120kts. If you really want to arrive in style - this is the way to do it!

For more information on this helicopter see the Airbus Helicopters website.


Airbus Helicopters H-125 - Formerly known as the AS-350, this machine is built by Airbus Helicopters and is a very common commercial used aircraft. It is a powerful, smooth and roomy aircraft with seating for up to seven people. It's fully articulated rotor head and powerful Safran Arriel engine endow it with excellent performance and maneuverability. Often also called the 'squirrel' this helicopter holds several world records. It is a very comfortable aircraft that can cruise at over 120kts. The H125 is in common use all over the planet due to it's great performance and reliability.

For more information on this helicopter see the Airbus Helicopters website.