Who are Advance Helicopters?

Put simply, we aim to be the premier helicopter training company in the UK. Advance Helicopters specialise in pilot training. We’re not distracted by providing maintenance or sales services like many other providers.

The company was created by two pilots who are highly experienced as commercial helicopter pilots and flight instructors. We’ve built an excellent reputation within the flight training industry for producing top quality pilots. Because we are focused solely on training, at Advance Helicopters you can be sure you’re getting the finest flight tuition.

From the most experienced flight instructors to the highest quality aircraft and our focus on looking after our students throughout their training experience, Advance offers the best possible solution to your helicopter flying requirements. 

Why fly with us?

We aim to develop our training courses to such a high level that no other provider will be able to offer the same breadth of experience and top notch flight tuition. The best flight instruction produces the best pilots.

This same quality and level of professionalism carries over in to everything we do, so whatever dealings you have with us we aim to provide the safest, most professional and helpful service.

Just give us a call with your requirements and you’ll see how we treat everyone’s personal requirements in an individual way.

We have lots of positive feedback from our many happy customers. Read some of them or provide your own feedback on our Testimonials page.

Contact us today to start your helicopter training journey.