Advanced Flying Course

EC-130 in a garden

Advance Helicopters knows that getting your pilots licence is often just the beginning of the learning process. There is only so much that can be taught during a PPL or CPL syllabus and yet there are so many more advanced situations that a pilot can find themselves in.

To help create the safest and most capable pilots Advance Helicopters runs an Advanced Flying Course. This course is highly recommended to all helicopter pilots, but especially for those who plan become a commercial pilot or venture further afield with their flying.

The course is broken down in to two main modules. The full course covers both modules, but a single module can be taken if you wish to concentrate on just one area:

Module 1 – General Handling: (consisting of 6 hours flying and 12 hours theory)

  • Advanced autorotations
  • Advanced forced landings
  • Tail rotor failures, stuck pedals & LTE
  • Height density altitude & limited power
  • Advanced confined areas
  • Radio failures
  • Ditching techniques
  • Instrument failures
  • Low RPM scenarios & recovery
  • Other emergencies including electrical & hydraulic

Module 2 – Navigation: (consisting of 5 hours flying and 10 hours theory)

  • Advanced poor weather & low level navigation
  • Instrument flying refresher
  • Collision avoidance techniques
  • In depth GPS usage
  • London Heli-lanes
  • Crossing major airports

To make the course as complete as possible and to offer tailor made content to an individuals requirements we also offer the following options as add-ons to the course:

  • Advance ditching techniques including HUET training
  • Flying in Europe

At the end of this course your flying and knowledge levels will have progressed tremendously making you a much safer and more competent pilot.

If you have any questions or would like to know more then please get in touch.