MD500 helicopter hovering at Advance Helicopters

Experience the iconic MD500

Few helicopters instil a sense of excitement as much as the MD500.

This awesome aircraft shares its history with the similarly iconic Huey.  Its predecessor the Hughes OH-6 Cayuse, nicknamed the Loach, operated as a scout. It scoured the battlefields of Vietnam in search of targets, dodging fire thanks to its incredible manoeuvrability.

What made it ideal for this role was the fact it was designed with one simple objective – to perform. Often referred to as the ‘Ferrari of the sky’ the MD500 is fast, responsive and dynamic. It’s very much a pilot’s machine and so we’re very pleased to have one on the fleet available for training.

The MD500 was originally designated the Hughes 369 and the C model is for many the perfect version, lighter and with the original rounded nose (think TC’s chopper in Magnum PI) and distinctive V-tail.

This is the model we have on the fleet and it is ready and waiting for you to do your type rating, or just to try out for a flight so you can experience this outstanding machine.

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