Coronavirus: client guidelines

It’s great to be back flying! Your safety is our primary concern so please familiarise yourself with the guidelines we have put in place below:

Booking flights

  • Our online booking is suspended to ensure bookings are properly spaced and distributed fairly during what will be a busy time. Please book by calling (01273 946044) or emailing us (
  • For qualified pilots please note that because of the extending period of non-flying your first flight will be a check flight with an instructor

On arrival

  • If you or any members of your household are experiencing any covid-19 symptoms DO NOT COME IN – as per government guidelines you must self-isolate for 10 days
  • We request that you come to your appointment alone or only with members or your household unless you are accompanying someone interested in starting flight training
  • Please arrive for your lesson or appointment on time (not early)
  • You may need to press the buzzer and wait before entering reception to help us manage numbers in the reception area
  • Please sanitise your hands on arrival

During briefings

  • Please bring your own stationery for use during briefings
  • Please assist your instructor by observing social distancing guidelines before, during and after briefings and flights

During your flight

  • You may be expected to wear appropriate protective equipment during your flight, this may include a face covering (we can provide this free of charge on your first visit)
  • We recommend you use your own headset, though ones we provide will be sanitised between flights

If you have any questions about these guidelines please speak to your instructor – we’re here to help.

Happy flying!