150 Minute Helicopter Experience – R22


150 Minute Helicopter Trial Lesson in an R22


This is an ultimate helicopter experience for those wanting an immersive experience or looking seriously at getting their pilots licence. The experience is typically split over three flights. You will receive ground instruction from an experienced instructor before and after each flight and get in-depth experience of how to fly the helicopter in all it’s different flight regimes. Your hands on time with the flight controls will be maximised and if you continue on and get your pilots licence then all the flight time would count towards the licence. If you prefer the flights can even be split across separate days to really savour the experience.

All our helicopter experiences arrive as a Gift Voucher with the recipients name on. The voucher is in a nice presentation envelope along with information about the experience, how to book the flight and our location. Ideal as a fantastic present for that special someone.

Please note: There is a weight limit for people wishing to do an R22 helicopter experience. This is 16.5st (105 KG). This is unfortunately due to limits that the helicopter manufacturer imposes.
Don’t worry if you are over this weight, you can still fly in our Robinson R44 Cadet.



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