Night Experience Flights – November 2016

Now that the clocks have gone back and the nights are getting longer Advance Helicopters is pleased to announce our 'Night Experience' flights.

These flights allow you to get a taste of what it is like to fly in a familiar area at night with the fantastic visibility that only a helicopter can offer. If you haven't experienced it then flying at night is very different and doing this in a helicopter affords a unique view that you just can't get anywhere else - our most common response at the end of a first night flight is 'WOW!'.

After trying a night flight many rated pilots want to then get their 'Night Rating'. This is something we can get you through - providing that you meet certain pre-entry requirements.

Come and see what all the fuss is about. To have a chat about our Night Experience flights or for more details contact us  and see how we can help you today.

Robinson R44 Cadet Available – July 2016

Advance Helicopters is pleased to announce the availability of the first Robinson R44 Cadet in the country*.

As a excellent primary training aircraft we are excited to introduce the new R44 Cadet. For those people that are either too tall or too heavy or don't fancy flying the R22 this is an ideal substitute. Once rated on this helicopter type you can then go straight on to flying a four seat R44 Raven I or II.

Training on this type of helicopter has various advantages over other types such as the Guimbal Cabri G2 or Schweizer 300, namely:

  • Counter clockwise main rotor system - like most piston engine helicopters
  • Normal responsive tailrotor design
  • Electronic engine RPM governor
  • Hydraulic assistance on flight controls
  • Faster cruise speed - get places quicker
  • Upon completion of training you already have a four seater type on your licence

This also allows us to provide what is probably the cheapest R44 time anywhere in the country.

Come and see our great new R44 Cadet and how it could be the ideal training aircraft for you. For more information on the fantastic new aircraft see the Robinson Helicopters website.

For more details contact us to discuss your requirements and see how we can help you today.

* Our R44 Cadet is actually an R44 Raven I that has been converted to a two seater - basically the same as Robinson have done.

Helicopter Maintenance Available – Feb 2016


Advance Helicopters is pleased to announce the availability of helicopter maintenance at Brighton City Airport.

In conjunction with A2B Helicopter Maintenance we are now able to offer engineering and maintenance work on all single engine helicopters (both piston and turbine) as well as several multi-engine types. Our main focus is on Robinson and Airbus helicopters, but we can complete work on any single engine types.

Both A2B and Advance have enviable reputations within the industry for quality, integrity, customer service and value for money. The joint efforts of these two companies aim to provide you with the best helicopter maintenance experience in the country.

For more details see our Maintenance page or contact us to discuss your requirements and see how we can help you today.

Robinson R66 Arrives – Dec 2015

Early December saw the arrival of a new type on to the Advance Helicopters fleet - a Robinson R66. This latest helicopter from Robinson is a turbine engined five seater with a large luggage compartment and great performance. This particular aircraft is brand new from the factory and has some desirable options such as air-conditioning and touchscreen glass cockpit.

This aircraft is now our cheapest turbine helicopter to fly and with it's excellent avionics equipment, makes for an ideal way to obtain an FAA Instrument Rating whilst also gaining valuable turbine experience at the same time. For more information about this fantastic machine please contact us.

Christmas Competition Time – Nov 2015

Hangar full of helicopters

We have a Christmas competition running. Have a look at this picture and tell us how many blades there are.

Entries close at 5pm on Friday 27th November and the winner will be announced at our Christmas social event that evening. The lucky winner will receive items of Advance Helicopters merchandise. For more information about our Christmas social event have a look at the social page.

--- UPDATE ---

The competition has now ended and the winner has been announced.

The correct answer was 52. For those wanting to know how we worked this out:

 * Each Robinson has four blades - and there are four of them

 * Each Eurocopter EC-120 has eleven blades - and there are two of them

 * The MD-500 has seven blades

 * The Schweizer 300 has five blades

 * The Hiller has just two tail-rotor blades on it

 TOTAL: 52

And the lucky winner is Bill Chater. Well done Bill!

New Introductory Helicopter Flights – Oct 2015

Due to changes in European rules this year it is now possible for us to perform local introductory helicopter flights. We are providing flights of 15 and 30 minutes starting at just £49. They are a very inexpensive way to get yourself up in a helicopter and a fantastic gift for that 'hard to buy for' person.

These flights take place at specific dates and times. However, if you purchase 3 seats the flight can take place at the date and time of your choosing. For more information see our helicopter flights page.

MD-500 Arrives for Training – Oct 2015

We are very pleased to announce that we have a new helicopter arrival on the fleet. An MD Helicopters MD-500E.

MD-500 & EC-120 on the pads

These machines are renowned throughout the industry as a real 'pilot's aircraft', with fantastic direct controls, great performance and excellent manoeuvrability.

This aircraft is available now for type ratings. If you would like any further information then please get in touch.

Trainee Pilots Diary – New Entries

Our trainee pilots diary has had lessons 12 and 13 added. This is when Seb takes the big step of first flying a helicopter solo. To see how he gets on with the nerve racking yet exhilarating experience see our trainee pilots diary.

Chosen Charity – June 2015

Please Help Support Our Chosen Charity.

Each year we try and choose a charity or two to help raise funds for. This is something we have been doing since we started the business, and it is always hard to choose which one to support as there are so many good causes. This year we were approached by Ann Ewings of the Friends of Queens Park. They are a group of local volunteers who help maintain, and try and improve on the facilities in Queens Park in Brighton (see, by holding events such as Bark in the Park, Picnic in the Park, and Shakespeare in the Park.

In view of them helping raise funds for their work, we have donated a 20 minute gift voucher for a trial lesson in the Robinson R22 which they will be raffling off as a prize at one of their events. So, do buy a ticket!

Bark in the Park is on Sunday, 14 June – a fun dog show which some great categories including 'Best Sausage Catcher'! I expect a lot of dogs will be practising for that one!

Please join us in supporting this great local charity, helping to preserve the green spaces that we have left in our towns and cities.

Student Successes – Apr 2015

Advance Helicopters is pleased to announce various recent student successes including:

  • Greg - PPL(H) skills test passed in the Schweizer 300
  • Rob - PPL(H) skill test passed in the Robinson R44
  • Harvey - First student solo in the Robinson R22
  • Jeremy - First student solo in the Robinson R22
  • Ed and Seb - Flew to France for the first time in the Robinson R22
  • K.S. Adil - Passed Eurocopter EC-120 type rating test
  • Joseph - Passed his PPL(H) skills test in the Schweizer 300 to convert his FAA PPL to an EASA one

Watch this space or our Facebook page for more student updates in the future.

New Approvals – Apr 2015

Advance Helicopters is pleased to announce that it has recently achieved a higher level of approval from the UK Civil Aviation Authority. This means that we are now able to perform Schweizer 300 type ratings and training towards the Light Aircraft Pilots Licence (LAPL).

Release of new Advanced Flying Course – Mar 2015

Advance Helicopters is proud to announce the availability of it's new 'Advanced Flying Course'. This course of advanced ground and flight training allows much of our extensive experience to be passed on to a pilot even if they have only recently obtained their licence. This course will prove useful in increasing the skill and knowledge base of any pilot. For more information see our Advanced Training Course page.

Release of new Professional Pilot Programme – Jan 2015

Busy sky

Advance Helicopters is proud to announce the availability of it's new 'Professional Pilot Programme'. This combined course of training allows the student to follow a structured course of career focused flight and ground training. Our experienced team of EASA and FAA flight instructors lead you through to the ultimate goal of obtaining an FAA CPL+IR(H) and EASA CPL(H). For more information see our Professional Pilot Programme page.

Christmas Operations – Dec 2014

Over the Christmas period we are open as usual up until the 23rd December.

We will then be closed until the 2nd January when we will be back to normal working seven days a week.

Dates from the 27th December until the 2nd January inclusive are available for flying by special arrangement if required. Please contact us directly via the mobile phone numbers or email addresses on the contact page.

New Website – Nov 2014


Welcome to our new website.

We've taken a lot of time and effort to improve our new website in every way. One of the major changes is the ability to purchase Gift Vouchers directly through the website. We've also added lots more information about the licences and ratings that we offer, a full search facility and a much more interactive feel so that we can better respond to our clients, both directly on the website and via social media so feel free to get involved.

If you have any input or thoughts on the website and how we could possibly improve it then please let us know by getting in touch.

FAA Instrument Rating – Oct 2014


Advance Helicopters now has a Robinson R44 with all the required instrumentation to complete helicopter Instrument Ratings under the American system.

The FAA route can often be an easier route to obtaining the ratings that you require and with the IR this is certainly the case.

See our Instrument Rating webpage or get in touch to discuss your requirements further.